Custom Stickers

New York Stickers

People often underestimate the effectiveness of using custom stickers for promotional purposes. Stickers can be used in several ways for increasing brand awareness and advertising your products and services. From a magnetic sticker for a car to a round sticker given out as promotional gifts at a trade show, the use of stickers can quickly increase sales and brand awareness. New York Banner Stands offers a wide variety of options for promotional New York stickers.

Car stickers are a popular giveaway item that advertises brands, products, and services as people drive around. These stickers remain on vehicles for years, providing a constant source of advertising to build brand awareness for your business, products, or services. We offer a variety of bumper stickers, including standard bumper stickers, removable bumper sticker, and magnetic sticker options.

Other than vehicles, stickers can be found everywhere. The next time you are in a public place, look around. You will find stickers on laptops, books, notebooks, bags, and many other places. These labels are advertising a wide variety of brands and products for little investment. You give away these small items at an affordable price and spread brand awareness in your community.

Small stickers can be used in a variety of creative ways. You can give them out at trade shows and community events, include them in packaging when customer place orders with you, or hand them out in your store. We offer round sticker, oval sticker, and kiss cut sticker products to provide the products you need at competitive prices.

Please browse through our website to read more information about each type of bumper sticker and promotional sticker we have to offer. We use high quality materials that are made in the USA and all products are shipped from our New York location. For next day shipping, please place your order and send us your file before 12 noon PST.